Rise Above Foundation Cebu

Rise Above Foundation Cebu

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What is Rise Above Foundation Cebu?

Rise Above is a Non-Profit NGO, an active group of people who focuses on improving the quality of life for the underprivileged families in Cebu, Philippines. We give skills training, run health, hygiene and educational programs, give active help in disaster areas, and aid individuals in need.

Our Mission

An improved quality of life for those struggling with poverty in Cebu

Our Vision

Enabling the next generation of Cebuanos to rise above the challenges of the future through access to education, livelihood and healthcare

Our Goal

To improve the poor condition of the people in Cebu Province through provision of programs and services on education and training, health & hygiene, and creative livelihood opportunities in a community-based setting

More About Us

In the Philippine culture, the higher the educational attainment, the higher the likelihood of landing a decent-paying job. One of the sad realities faced by Filipinos is that no matter how skilled or experienced a person who did not finish one’s studies is, another unskilled or unexperienced person with a high school or college degree will get the job. Due to poverty, most underprivileged families can only afford to send to school one of many siblings, whom the family will most likely rely on in the future after graduating.

For a monthly pledge of only 40 US$ for elementary students, 45 US$ for junior high school students, and 50 US$ for senior high school students, sponsored children will receive educational materials, uniforms, books, as well as daily lunch and snacks. By sponsoring education for one or more children, you help build independent and educated individuals with a bright future, as well as pave the way for more families to be brought out of poverty.

To this day, over 140 children are being sponsored for their elementary and high school education. Some generous sponsors continue to provide financial assistance so students can proceed to vocational schools and colleges after graduating from high school. On behalf of the families of these children, we would like to express our gratitude to each of the sponsors who make it possible for the children to receive a proper education. Thank you very much!

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